Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean "believers" felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions .” – Gershom Scholem
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Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

The metaphysical roots of world politics II

According specialist in Masonry L. Zamoisky:

Among the Masons there exists a tactic called: "always being in the eye of the developing hurricane". It means the infiltration of their people in fascist, communist, democratic, anarchist and other structures. By the way, each of the above-named "isms" brought about colossal revolutionary upheavals. Might they all have been just various attempts for a global change of the conception the development of humanity, and what's more, all under the control of one and the same force?

Let's cite just one example: Both Salvador Allende and General Pinochet were members of the same Masonic lodge. Given any outcome, one of "theirs" was sure to end up in power. It was known in advance that the loser would be sacrificed, cut off, like a dead branch...

A similar tactic was employed on the eve of revolutionary events in Russia at the beginning of the century. The lodges became convenient places for inter-party meetings between politicians of various political orientations. The only demand was opposition to the monarchy. P.A. Kropotkin once stated that bourgeois and proletarian revolutionaries could never reach agreement by themselves, and had to be brought together on neutral territory.

Here certain common tactics were worked out. Leading Mason Y. Kuskova wrote: "Our motto is: Democratic Russia, and don't shoot at the protesting people" (11). The well-known Mason Margulies wrote in 1922 about the principles of the lodges:

  • Optimism, belief on the progress of humanity, rejection of extremes, and the acceptance of contradiction as an inevitable part of reality. Everything's relative, and progress is unavoidable and irreversible... To this we add solidarity (in everyday life), where all depend on each and each depends on all; and tolerance (left hand on your brother's shoulder). To reconcile antagonisms and quench contradictions. From this flows the principle: Don't renounce your head of state and the regime which he heads. Don't be in opposition; be in the thick of events. The law of silence and the ideal of self-perfection.

However Russian Masons in emigration found little gratitude from their Western "lodge brothers", who regarded them as "dead branches". This is an old story. N.I. Novikov and later the Decembrists were tried by their very own brother Masons. A conflict within Masonry? Yes, but not because of differences in rites, but as the result of proximity to him who's known as the "father of lies and murderer from time immemorial". It's he who inflames his servants to weave his plots for him, and then, moved by impatience and malice, sets them against each other. Destroys them without even waiting for the plot to ripen. The snake devours its own tail.

"Brother Marchion"'s reliability is questionable, for obvious reasons, but we'll continue with his account:

  • Among various Masonic rites a constant struggle is taking place. The majority of contemporary world leaders are either Masons themselves or close to Masonic circles. Many American presidents were "lodge brothers". And though the "Scots" call themselves apolitical, the brothers from that order are actively involved in politics.

By the way, the now current idea of the "New World Order" emerged from the bowels of Scottish Rite Masonry. Rational organization of the world is their motto, opposition to the revolutionary approach.

So we have a theory of two opposing branches of Masonry. If this is the case, doesn't it go a long way to explain many of the contradictions surrounding the Third Reich and contemporary world politics?

On the one hand there's the aspiration of "Egyptian" Masonry, its attempt to create a civilization of black high priests, manipulators of the masses plunged into the abyss of superstition. What stands in opposition to the "manipulators"? Another fetish, the dollar, Mammon's latest incarnation. But material motivations are not merely rational; they're mystical as well. In accordance with the Talmud:

  • "The wise man loves his money more than himself".

The aforesaid may seem to contradict traditional stereotypes of Masonic humanism, of its purely decorative role in the modern world. But the archives of Ahnenerbe prove the opposite. Here's a document from the beginning of the century describing the Masons' participation in destroying the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In particular, the matter of inflaming conflict between Serbs and Croats is discussed.

We have documents of the Grand Orient Lodge of Italy relating to the anti-Vatican movement. The testament of Jacques de Molay is being fulfilled to perfection. Here's a document dated April 17th, 1917. The Order of the Eastern Templars. From the highest 33rd degree of initiation. In it the question of dismemberment of European empires is discussed. They must make way for the creation of a world republic...

These documents are intended only for the eyes of the highest degree Masons. Therefore they're extremely candid. In the meanwhile, Masonry's "cannon fodder", the neophytes of the lower ranks, are fed with a vegetarian salad of cliches: 'freedom', 'brotherhood', 'humanism' and 'common values'.

As it turns out, the attempts made to destroy empires were not in vain. Calls emerging from hurrah-patriots of all nationalities have led to two world wars in our century alone. These wars fatally weakened two colossal ethnic groups, the Russian and the German. Each time a certain third force has emerged the winner and began forcing its archetypes on the defeated: America, headed by financial vampires.

The documents cited above relate to Masons of the Egyptian type and the atheistic Grand Orient. What about their "competitors"? Possibly their activities are connected with the central enigmas of the Third Reich, whose reverberations are still being felt today.

Here's a letter from one Nazi leader of a movement for the creation of a new Germanic religion. In it he discusses the task of weakening the influence of the Christian Church in the Wehrmacht (12). To that end a special division was created. Its leader: a man "completely freed from Christian superstitions", Wehrmacht Major Prince de Lippe [better known today as Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands].

It was he, the Dutch Prince Consort, who in 1952 would head the international super-secret organization known today as the Bilderberg Club. (It was founded, by the way, by the Scottish Rite Mason Rettinger.)

On April 7, 1963 the London Observer wrote:

  • The Bilderberg Club seeks to establish total dominion over the peoples of the Earth with the help of marionette governments headed by bought politicians.

Here's a citation from the Italian magazine Europeo of October, 1975: In spite of its variegated makeup, the Bilderbergers make up a sort of super-government which is remaking Western governments after its own fashion.

The strange case of Prince de Lippe shows that Hitler's "new order" and the "New World Order" of contemporary mondialists are not so very different from each other. The latter is just more cunning. It makes its presence felt not by thundering tank columns but by a barely noticeable rustling of banknotes and newspapers, the silent influence of capital and hypocritical propaganda. Only in extreme cases does it cast off its puritanical mask, unleashing bombs on the Orthodox Serbs.

Judging from the de Lippe case, the Scottish Rite had its people in the Reich leadership. Was it they who put an end to the creeping influence of Memphis Mizraim?

Was it they who turned Hitler's attention from the West to the East, in opposition to the conceptions of Haushofer?

  • Was it they who exploited Hitler's crude anti-semitism to chop off the "dry branches" among the Jewish people, provoking the migration of Jews from Europe to Palestine? In other words, created the state of Israel.

Was it they who carried out in the halls of "Ahnenerbe" certain "delicate" experiments - from psychotronics to cancer research - which required an abundance of "human material"? And then stigmatized the evildoers while exploiting the results of their research...

First destroy the empires; then fan the flames of nationalism on their ruins. Now it's time to think about the next stage...

It's noteworthy that former Wehrmacht Major de Lippe now defends the idea of a united Europe, headed by a hereditary monarch. Naturally from the Merovingian Dynasty. How the West needs a sacral king! How they strive to fashion their Antichrist! Out of blood, genealogical chimeras and myths!

At each critical moment of history the mass-consciousness is re-mythologized. Instability arouses archetypal behavior - ancestral memory, in other words - formed ages ago during similar times of stress. Ancient prophecies and pseudo-prophecies are revived, aimed into the future, turned into dreams. A dream is the center of gravity for any historical movement.

True, enthusiasm exhausts itself sooner or later. The revolution once again devours its children. Thus arises the hour of the demiurge, attempting to bring order to post-revolutionary chaos. According to the teaching of neo-Platonism - the source of many heresies over the ages, including proto-fascist ones - every demiurge sooner or later weakens. And then Chaos, that most ancient of gods, once again ascends to power.

So we see that the two tendencies in Masonry correspond to these two conditions of humanity:

  • revolutionary chaos and order-creation.

The "Egyptians" helped to explode Germany in the first third of our century and then made way for the "Scots", who channeled the resulting energy in the needed direction. It's no accident that the former bow down to the metaphysical rebel Lucifer; and the latter - to the Great Architect of the Universe. But aren't these both just masks for one and the same personage? How else to explain the strange solidarity of the initiated which was so apparent at the Nuremberg Tribunal?

This conclusion was strengthened by a curious observation I once made in the ancient German town of Lübeck. I noticed a building marked with the sign "Logenhaus". Under the roof of that respectable villa coexist such "violent" opponents as the "Scottish", "Egyptian" and "York" Rite Lodges, and God knows what else besides. Their plaques, decorated with unambiguous symbolry (inverted pentagrams included) hang side by side on the façade.

Here's one more curious fact: In the Summer of 1993, on the initiative of the Grand Orient of France, a European conference dedicated to the coordination of activities of Masonic lodges of various tendencies was convened in Strasbourg.

But who coordinates these colossal structures on the world-wide level? This question leads many researchers into a dead-end. Especially atheists. The more enlightened and deep analyzers arrive at "Higher Unknowns", the Zionist community, "black lodges", and so forth(13).

Indeed, the stones are being cast from there. But Orthodox Christian conspirology sees deeper. If the cornerstone of the Church is Christ, then the peak of the Masonic pyramid is likewise located not in the human realm. That peak points in the direction of satan.

This standoff is reflected in Cabbalistic symbolism. In the six-pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The triangle with its point facing up symbolizes the three hypostases of God. Since to the Cabbalists God is evil, this triangle, which points to the first letter of the alphabet, "alpha", is dark. The other, light colored, triangle points downward, to the last letter, "omega".

There are Masonic seals where this symbolism is turned upside-down. Here's the answer to the riddle of the "four entities" of the Talmud mentioned by Sergei Nilus:

  • What's lower, and what's higher, What's before and what's after.
  • In the meanwhile, the emissaries of the underworld, regardless of orientation, have simultaneously descended on our country.
  • In December, 1988 a delegation of the Jewish lodge B'nai B'rith headed by its president Mark Aron makes a visit to its Moscow affiliate.
  • The Grand Master of the Italian National Lodge Giuliano di Bernardi comes to Russia's capital. He presents one very high-placed official with a copy of his book, along with a "brotherly" greeting, in the latter's office.
  • Here's Grand Orient head Monsieur Ragache strolling hand in hand with Yeltsin's presssecretary Pavel Voshchanov in Moscow's corridors of power.
  • Grand Master of the National Lodge of France Claude Charbonnier makes a visit to Moscow to swear in newly-baked Grand Master of the Great Lodge of Russia.

And here's our familiar "Brother Marchion", high initiate of Memphis Mizraim. Naturally, he's warmly received in "intellectual opposition" circles(14). At the end of our interview I ask my mysterious guest a direct question about the purpose of his visit. He smiles slyly:

  • For the time being I don't want to talk about that, but I hope the results of my visit will soon be felt by you...

Disappointed man always feels that he's living in apocalyptic times. The past appears in golden hues. This is the source of the mystery of return. In the mythology of nearly all peoples there's the legend of the return of a spiritual leader or hero, sleeping from the times of the Knights of the Round Table, Frederick the Great or the Merovingians...

These notions are marked by a paganistic world-view. But does everything in the world really come full-circle? The Savior died ... once. And was resurrected ... once. From that moment onward the world left its eternal spiral. Ahead lies just one end of the world. One grand finale, which will be not a catastrophe, but the end of all catastrophes.

Therefore the phrase "everything comes full-circle in the end" is nothing but an outdated cosmogonic formula. However it might still become a powerful incantation among the high priests of neo-paganism. Here's how one of the theoreticians of Italian mystical fascism, Julius Evola, understood the mystery of return:

  • An invisible and impregnable center, whose master must awake from his slumber, whose hero will avenge for everything and put everything in its place, is by no means a romantic chimera of the dead past but a reality for all those who today have the right to call themselves living human beings.

Herman Rauschning wrote the following about Hitler's notions on that score:

  • Soon the time will come when he (Hitler) will have to go into isolation, disappear. And no one must know of his whereabouts. A mystery must grow up around him; he must turn into a legend. The masses will whisper about impending wonders. Finally the tension will become unbearable, and yes, Hitler will reappear, in all his grandeur. He'll be above politics. He'll be a great lawgiver and prophet, who will bring new tablets down from the Holy Mount.

But things turned out much differently. Under a portrait of Frederick the Great Hitler shot himself on the night of May 1st. On Walpurgis Night, when the Valkyries carry the souls of heroes to Valhalla.

A truly diabolical hint on theme of the hero's return!

But in whose guise will he return?


  1. An attempt to introduce the idea of reincarnation into Christian dogma was rejected by the Local Council of Constantinople in the year 543. Later Ecumenical Councils anathemized all followers of the doctrine. But, as we see, they were not reformed.

  2. It's noteworthy that there were many people of the arts among Steiner's followers. Among them were Russians such as Andrei Bely and Maximilian Voloshin. Even Russian politicians in emigration such as Lenin, Bogdanov, Krasin and others attended his lectures. <<

  3. The Western, Jesuitical origins of the "Testament of Peter the Great", with its pan-Slavist postulates such as the seizure of Constantinople, the creation of a unified Slavic state, and alliance with England, are well known. Such historical enigmas could lead to a new academic discipline, the "genealogy of ideas".

  4. It's interesting that his personal motto was homo homini deus, "To man, man is god". This reminds us of one of Crowley's commandments: "There is no god but man", derived in turn from Lucifer's injunction to primordial man: "Be like the gods."

  5. Steiner's followers are now active in our country too. One of them, a certain S.O. Prokofiev, published a curious book recently entitled The Spiritual Fate of Russia and the Coming Mystery of the Holy Grail. Its author attempts to separate the "pure" sources of Rosicrucianism, from which anthroposophy arose, from those negative political and spiritual realities of modern Masonry which have now become too obvious to hide. Prokofiev considers everything negative in the lodges' activities to be the result of Jesuit infiltration.

  6. Some say that Hess referred to Haushofer as his secret teacher and mage. The latter was an initiate in the Japanese society The Green Dragon. The color green has strong mystical significance. The researcher Jean Robin, author of the book Hitler, Chosen One of the Green Dragon, writes that a mysterious Tibetan "wearing green gloves" appeared in Berlin in the 1930's. At that time he allegedly foretold the fate of the Reich.

Here's an earlier event:

According to documents from the investigation of the murder of the Russian Imperial Family, certain "green" personages directed events surrounding the Tsar. Telegrams signed "green" arrived from Stockholm, the center of German espionage against Russia at the time.

Investigator N.A. Sokolov postulated the existence of a certain secret society, which included people in Nikolai II's immediate circle. They used secret ciphers and signs, including the swastika, in their correspondence.

Among the items found after the death of the Imperial Family was Item 142, an "icon ... of small dimensions; on the back side was an inscription in English, which we could only partially decipher..." Later this icon fell into the possession of General Kutepov, and the inscription was deciphered. In the Tsarina's hand the following was scrawled: "Green Dragon, you were absolutely right." Later General Kutepov was abducted by chekists and died under mysterious circumstances.

The political adventurist Trebich Lincoln, close to Hitler at one time, expressed his opinion that the Green Society is headquartered in Tibet. Lincoln called himself "Lama Jorni Den". There's a strange photograph of him in the "Ahnenerbe" archives. On the shaved head of the lama there are clearly visible burn marks, resembling horns. This surprising personage meditated with lighted candles on his head...

One can only conclude that this mystical society had a wide network of agents. They attempted to influence the broad masses through literature, through a narrow circle of high-placed people and through ideology and politics.

  1. It's symbolic that each of its editions preceded a period of new upheavals in human history. The first edition came out nine months before the beginning of the war in the Balkans; the second - nine months before the beginning of World War I; the third - nine months before the Sino-Japanese War; and the fourth - nine months before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War...

  2. One of Crowley's Russian followers gave a very impressive characterization of the coming eon:

The world is enigmatic and unfinished, and blessed is he who does not fear its variety. Blessed is he who regards his will with trust, and who's strong enough to find his place and goals in this unfinished and unpredictable Universe.

"The gods, with their insane wisdom, are knocking at the door. Soon they'll shatter the once firm foundations of philosophic thought.

"Western rationalism is falling, and the enormous cracked edifice of Kantian philosophy will soon come crashing down. From its cracks many gods, light ones and dark ones, already peer at us; an abyss of creative accidents, a many-faced and free world awaits us.

  1. In Smyrna in the Seventeenth Century Sabbatai Zevi pronounced himself the savior of the Jewish people, but later converted to Islam when he fell into captivity. His followers await his return as the sacral King of the Jews and imitate him in everything including his conversion to the Muslim faith.

  2. Crowley, who signed his name "666", also had an enormous cultural influence. Among those who call themselves his followers in our time are David Bowie, Ozzie Osbourne, members of the group Led Zeppelin and many others.

In one of his songs Osbourne addresses his teacher directly: "Mr. Crowley, I want to know what you had in mind." The Beatles album cover Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band features a photograph of Crowley.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones dedicated himself to Satan when he joined "Golden Dawn". The names of his songs are characteristic: Sympathy for the Devil, Her Satanic Majesty, and Vow of My Demon-Brother. Certain of this group's works were composed during Satanic voodoo rituals. This "creative process" was described by its participants as a spontaneous appearance of songs, as in a spiritualists' seance.

It's no accident that many listeners describe the effect such compositions produce as similar to narcotic stupor. Such satanic flirtations ended for the Rolling Stones with a terrible carnage at one of their concerts. Jagger, who regarded the occult as simply an amusing game, was in shock. It was only then that he understood the power behind his incantations.

German researcher Jan Van Helsing calls our attention to one more characteristic detail. For several decades now the technique of "masked reverse audio" has been used to influence listeners. Inaudible messages are recorded in reverse and subliminally enter the subconscious.

In one song by the group "KISS" there's the encoded message: "The devil himself is god".

In a song by "Queen": "To hell with the Bible! All I want is magic!".

In "Werewolf", by the Beatles: "Start smoking marijuana and turn me away from the corpse". (Satanists fear pronouncing the name of Jesus, referring to Him as "the corpse".)

Satanic influence on the stage and screen has formed a whole layer of youth subculture. The aggressive biomass is ready. The only thing missing is the necessary political temperature and a drop of catalyst for an explosion to occur. Like the one which happened in Europe more than half a century ago.

Specialists ascribe to the influence of "Golden Dawn" the derationalization of the European consciousness, the introduction of the intuitive and chaotic element. That which will assure the unthinking obedience of the crowd to a single will.

Just whose will that will be is clear. Among the main accents in rock-culture are incantation to murder and suicide and the inflaming of sexual lust. Hebraists state that the purpose of the rocking of the body during hasidic prayer is to induce god's sexual union with his heavenly wife, shekhina, so as to give birth at long last to moshiach, or messiah. Could this be the mystical underside of the semitic-hamitic rhythms in the music now being foisted on today's youth?

According to Oleg Platonov: "The founder of rock Elvis Presley was proud of his Judaic heritage and was inspired by his "special mission for the destruction of Christianity.

"Drug addict and sodomite Presley, according to Christians who witnessed his performances, was a "strongly expressed satanist". As researcher in satanism John Todd notes: "All (rock) records dedicated to satan are the same. Rhythms are used which arouse movements of the sex act. The person is suddenly overcome with a feeling, similar to a state of madness, which often leads to hysterics"."

  1. This reminds us of a case in the beginning of the 90's, when one French Masonic journal published two photographs side-by-side: one showing members of the Provisional Government (with an explanation that said government consisted 99% of Masons) and another of Yeltsin on a tank next to Burbulis and Korzhakov. The caption noted that the Masonic lodge "Novikov" was founded in Moscow on the eve of the putsch.

  2. Many Nazi documents, especially those of the SS, are infused with anti-Christianism. The "Interpretation of Laws of the Order of the SS", published in 1938, states in part: "One of the ten commandments, which actually ought to be called the 'ten interdictions', states: "Thou shalt not steal!" There's no doubt that this injunction, when it was taught to our forebears in the course of Christianization of the Germans, acquainted them for the first time with the idea of theft. Until then the property of another was sacred and inviolable for them." (The Interpretation of the Basic Law regarding the inviolability of property prescribes all SS institutions to do away with the locking of cabinets not containing secret documents.)

  3. Back in January, 1870 Mazzini wrote to Albert Pike: We must create a super-ritual which will remain secret. We'll use it to initiate high-degree Masons of our choosing... These people will be sworn to the highest secrecy. By means of this super-ritual we'll control all of Masonry... [Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary. Albert Pike was the head of American Freemasonry at the time]

14. In keeping with his order's traditions, "Brother Marchion" is one of the leaders of the radical "nonconformist" movement in the West known as "New Resistance". According to its publication , one of the movement's authorities is Aleister Crowley.

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