Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean "believers" felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions .” – Gershom Scholem
The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed
Institute for the study of Globalisation and covert Politics: Beyond the Dutroux Affairs

Samstag, 28. August 2010

Sabbatean Timeline

The Mystical Jewish Messiah of the 17th century, Shabbetai Tzvi, promised to depose the kings of the earth, unite the ten lost tribes and restore Israel. When Shabbatai approached the Sultan he thought that the Sultan would have the humility to recognize his greatness and humble himself. The Sultan would have met a man who was clearly greater than himself. Shabbatai would receive the Sultanate and rule the known world. He originally intended to accomplish these goals overtly, however, when the Ottoman ruler threatened to kill him rather than hand over his throne, Shabbatai Zvi understood that he had to take his messianic movement underground. His goals had to be achieved with stealth and deception. His movement was labeled “Apostate Messianism”. Though he would loose the open support of most rabbinic authorities and mainstream Judaism, his faithful followers would be assigned the task of continuing his mission.

Forty-one years after Shabbetai Tzvi’s physical death, his hidden followers would establish Freemasonry in England. Freemasonry would continue Shabbetai Tzvi’s agenda of achieving world rule. Freemasonry linking up with Illuminism has indeed, through revolution and wars, overthrown the monarchies of the world. Freemasonry/Illuminism has taken the reins of the Jewish, Catholic (Vatican) and the Islamic world, united the remnant of the lost tribes through the establishment of the European Union and has “restored” Israel. The infidel “rabbinic” European Jews who had abandoned Shabbatai Tzvi were decimated by the Freemasonic Holocaust of World War II. The Masonic State of Israel would be granted independence by the Masonic United Nations.

1492-Jewish Expulsion from Spain
1492- The first known Illuminati order ( Alumbrado ) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Crypto-Jews, called ‘Marranos’.
1494-The first evidence of Jews in Tudor England after the expulsion.
1527- Ignatius Loyola, while studying at Salamanca, was brought before an ecclesiastical commission on a charge of sympathy with the alumbrados, but escaped with an admonition.
1588- the Converso (Converted Jew), Dr. Hector Nunes was lauded as a hero for being the first to warn of the sailing of the Spanish Armada.
1589- Christopher Marlowe’s anti-Semitic play, The Jew of Malta, was first performed.
1594- Queen Elizabeth I’s physician, a Converso named Dr. Roderigo Lopez, was implicated in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth. He was tortured, tried and hanged on what is suspected to be a false charge of treason. Anglo Jewry then fled to the Low Countries, often disguised as Spanish or Portuguese Roman Catholics.
1597-William Shakespeare’s famous play about a Jewish moneylender, The Merchant of Venice, was first acted out.
1604- Mannaseh ben Israel born
1609- Portuguese merchants were expelled from London on suspicion of being Jewish
1620- Pilgrims land in America
1626-9th of Av- Shabbatai Tzvi born in Smyrna (now Izmir), Turkey. He was born to Mordechai Sevi, a merchant with close dealings with English merchants.
1639- Shabbatai Tzvi reaches bar-mitzvah (13 years old)
1640- Manasseh ben Israel named to head Yeshiva (enabled by the Bankers Perreiras) enabling him to focus on writings. Manasseh was most profoundly interested in Messianic problems. He was full of Kabbalistic opinions. He entered into correspondence with Christina, Queen of Sweden, ostensibly regarding matters of Hebrew learning, but probably with the design of getting her help in obtaining for the Jews admission into Sweden. But his chief attention was directed to securing the readmission of Jews into England.
[Antonio de Montezinos, nee Aaron Levi, a 17th century converso (convert) who reclaimed his Jewish ancestry after fleeing the Inquisition in Portugal, went to Peru in search of a "holy people" rumored to be living among the Amazon Indians. On a remote jungle river near the Ecuadorian border, Montezinos was greeted by a band of light-skinned "Indians" in dugout canoes. On learning that he was an Israelite from across the seas, the fair-complexioned aborigines recited the "Shema Israel" and announced they were descendants of the tribe of Reuben. On his return to Amsterdam, Montezinos shared his discovery with a famous converso rabbi, Menasseh ben Israel, who broadcast the news on his printing press that the Biblical prophesy had been fulfilled. He predicted that the scattered tribes of Israel were soon to reunite in Jerusalem to rebuild Solomon's temple and usher in the Messianic age.]

1647-Oliver Cromwell conspires with Manasseh ben Israel’s agent to execute English King Charles I. [An entry for June 6th 1647, from Oliver Cromwell to an Ebenezer Pratt, says (in modern language):

"In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England; this, however, impossible while Charles living, Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which at present do not exist, Therefore, advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with procuring an assassin, though willing to help with his escape."

Ebenezer Pratt's reply was on July 12th 1647:

"Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted, assassination too dangerous. Charles should be given the opportunity to escape, his recapture will then make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences."

Another trial was ordered by Cromwell because his agreement with his backers in Amsterdam was that Charles would be executed. The indictment against Charles was drawn up by Isaac Dorislaus, the agent in England of Manasseh ben Israel, one of the main funders from Amsterdam of the Cromwell 'revolution'."]

1642-Shabbatai began the Kabbalistic meditative discipline “Climbing Sephirotic Ladder” (The Lost Messiah page 26)
1707- Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato born. Luzzatto admitted to being influenced by the writings of Nathan of Gaza, Shabbatai Tzvi's "prophet." He claimed that the positive elements of Shabbatai Tzvi's teachings could be separated from the “heretical” elements, but few rabbinic authorities agreed with this opinion, since Shabbateanism was a powerful wave sweeping over the Jewish community. A bitter controversy ensued concerning the verity and propriety of Luzzatto's activities and claims. Luzzatto's house was searched and evidence that he engaged in magical practices was found. He was compelled to cease and desist from teaching Kabbalah.
1648-Chmielnicki massacres thousands of Jews in Europe
1648- Shabbatai Tzvi’s messianic mission begins with his first messianic vision according to Sabbatian tradition.
1649- Shabbatai Tzvi 23 years old
1649-Charles I beheaded.
1649- Oliver Cromwell comes to power over England. Cromwell was influenced by Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel of Amsterdam who functioned as a Jewish ambassador to the gentiles.
1650- Shabbatai’s revelation (The Lost Messiah page 26}
1650- Judah HaChassid (the Pious) was born around 1650 in Poland. He was powerfully affected by Shabbetai Tzvi. He believed that Shabbetai Tzvi was, in fact, the Messiah. He expected his second appearance in 1706.
Mid-17th century- a new Converso colony grew in London, made up partly of refugees from Rouen and the Canary Islands.
1651-1654- Shabbatai thoroughly beaten and driven out of Izmir. It was advised that he be killed secretly but instead was thoroughly beaten and driven out of Izmir.
1655- In September, Manasseh ben Israel moved to London and on October 31 submitted a seven-point petition to the Council of State calling for the return of Jews to England.
1655- Cromwell called the Whitehall Conference of December 4-18, to discuss Jewish readmission. Many merchants questioned Cromwell’s ideas and Cromwell angrily dismissed the conference, resolving to authorize an unofficial readmission of the Jews into England.
1656- Cromwell’s oral guarantee and the approval of the Council of State allowed the Conversos of England to practice their faith openly.
1657- Jews immigrate to England from Holland, Spain and Portugal and open a synagogue. Thus, the new Israelite congregation in England was composed almost exclusively of Sephardim. The first Jews who received nobility titles in England also were Sephardim: Solomon de Medina (c. 1650-1730) and Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885), who was knighted in 1837 and made a baronet in 1846.
1657-Manasseh ben Israel dies.
1657-Shabbatai Tzvi is 31 years old.
1658- According to Sabbatean tradition, Shabbatai Tzvi atones for sins of Israel. He receives new laws and new commandments to repair the world.
1659- Shabbatai Tzvi leaves Istanbul and returns to Smyrna (Izmir).
1662- Shabbatai Tzvi leaves Izmir for Jerusalem.
1664-A small congregation of Sephardim was officially recognized by King Charles II after the Restoration of the Stuart monarchy. Fulfillment of Manasseh ben Israel’s kabbalistic work laying foundation for Messiah’s coming.
1664- Charles II issues a formal written promise of protection and, in 1674 and 1685, further royal declarations were made confirming that statement. In 1698, the Act for Suppressing Blasphemy granted recognition to the legality of practicing Judaism in England.
1665-May 31, 1665 (17th of Sivan of the Hebrew Calendar). Sabbatai Tzvi , at 39, proclaims himself Messiah in Gaza. Announcing that, “He will proceed to the river Sambatyon to bring back the Lost Tribes".
Shabbetai Tzvi and Nathan the Prophet felt an empathy for Jesus. According to Shabbatean belief, the soul of the messiah had been reincarnated 18 times from Adam onward, including, probably, Jesus. Reportedly Shabbetai Tzvi once exclaimed : "What has Jesus done that you ill-treated him thus? I shall see to it that he will be counted among the prophets. (In time, Sabbateans would quietly take the helm of the Vatican)
1665- December 30th. Shabbetai Tzvi left Smyrna by ship for Istanbul with a group of his followers.
1665-Shabbatai Tzvi placed under house arrest by the Sultan. Locked in chains and is threatened with poison arrows to prove his divinity. Is given choice between Islamic conversion or death. Shabbatai chooses Islam and life. He doesn’t cease being a Jew but becomes Moslem also. Shabbatai is above the categorization of Jew or Moslem. Much to the shock and chagrin of the Jewish world Shabbatai appeases the Sultan. He then begins to lay the groundwork restructuring of the world based on universalism and world brotherhood ruled by an elite of his devoted followers dedicated to eradicating the world’s ills and promoting progress of civilization.
1665- Shabbatai given post in the Sultan’s palace until 1673.
1673- Shabbatai exiled to Albania
1674- Treaty of Westminster – New York and New Jersey given back to England after Third Dutch War.
1676-Sabbatai’s dies. Donmeh formed.
1690- German Jewish immigrants to England start a synagogue. This first Ashkenazi community was formed in London and soon, Ashkenazi established congregations all over England. By 1690, there were about 400 Jews in England.
1697- Judah the Pious started off with 31 families of scholars to await the Messianic revelation of a resurrected Shabbatai Tzvi.
1700- Judah the Pious arrives in Jerusalem and dies (most definitely murdered) days later.
1700- William III knighted the first Jew (Sephardic), Solomon de Medina, on June 23.
1701- A Sephardi synagogue at Bevis Marks was opened.
1705- A Hebrew printing press started in London.
1706- Judah HeChassid (the Pious) believed that the dead Shabbetai Tzvi was, in fact, the Messiah. He expected his second appearance in 1706
1716- Baruchya Russo claimed to be the Messiah, the reincarnation of Shabbatai Tzvi and an incarnation of God.
1716-The first known Jewish Mason, dating from 1716 (one year before the creation of the first Grand Lodge) was an English Sephardi: Francis Francia, also known as the "Jacobite Jew." He was tried and later exonerated from an accusation of high treason. In an English newspaper of 1877, recounting this incident, Francia is called a Mason.
1717- Freemasonry founded in England upon the Seven Laws of Noah as mentioned in the Talmud, and the re-building of Solomon’s Temple.
1726- Jacob Frank born in Berezanka or Korolowka, Galicia, Pol. [now in Ukraine]
1730-Masonic lodges, promoting universal brotherhood, began springing up in continental Europe. At that time a new type of Jew was emerging, one who had acquired some Western education and had adjusted his behavior to conform to the standards accepted among gentiles, to the extent that he now could aspire to full membership in their society. This new Jew first made his appearance among the Sephardim of England, Holland, and France and afterward among the Ashkenazim of all Western countries. After the 1780's he became a permanent feature of European social life as becomes evident from the number of Jews who kept knocking at the doors of the Masonic lodges.
1732- another Jew, Edward Rose, was initiated in a Lodge presided by Daniel Delvalle, 'eminent Jew snuff merchant' as characterized in a report in the Daily Post of 22 September 1732. Without doubt, Delvalle must have preceded Rose by several years, to have reached the high position of Master of the Lodge. Furthermore, Bro. Mathias Levy, in an article entitled 'Jews as Freemasons' published in The Jewish Chronicle in 1898, claims that the initiation took place 'in the presence of Jews and non-Jews.' These other Jews present must have been Masons themselves, initiated at an earlier date.
1734- 6,000 Jews live in England. The Jewish upper class still consisted of brokers and foreign traders, but Jews gradually entered all areas of life. The first Jews were Sephardim.
1744- Mayer Amschel Rothschild , born Mayer Amschel Bauer on February 23, 1744 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany . on was the founder of the Rothschild family banking empire that would become one of the most successful business families in history. He changed his name to Rothschild (Red Shield in English) from Bauer, the previous family name, in reference to the red shield that was the official house sign and thus logotype of the family business, a bank and a brothel, founded by his father Moses. Mayer Amschel’s famous quote is "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws"
1751- Jacob Frank proclaimed himself a messiah.
1752- Jacob Frank married.
1753- The Jewish Naturalization Bill (Jew Bill) was issued to give foreign-born Jews the ability to acquire the privileges of native Jews, but was rescinded due to anti-Jewish agitation.
1755- Jacob Frank, in Poland, formed a sect that held that certain elect persons are exempt from the moral law. This sect abandoned Judaism for a “higher Torah” (Jewish Law) based on the Zohar, which was the most important work in the Kabbala, the Jewish mystical movement. Hence its members also called themselves Zoharists. Their practices, including orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rites. Joseph II, Emperor of Austria beds with Franks daughter, Eva during a rite.(Antelman TETO vol.1 p.104)
1756-the Jewish community banned Jacob Frank and his group as heretics.
1756- an anthology of Masonic prayers appeared in print, among them one to be recited "at the opening of the lodge meeting and the like for the use of Jewish Freemasons" in Jewish lodges.
1759- September 17th Jacob Frank converts to Christianity.
1760- February 6, Jacob Frank arrested in Warsaw on the charge of feigned conversion to Catholicism and the spreading of a pernicious heresy. He was convicted as a teacher of heresy, and imprisoned him in the monastery in the fortress of Czкstochowa, so that he might not communicate with his adherents.
1760- Baal Shem Tov dies.
1769- August 15- Napoleon born.
1770s- Jacob Frank made a pact with Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish-born Jesuit, to enlist his Sabbatians to join Weishaupt's Illuminati. [Note:The Illuminati Order was not invented by Adam Weishaupt, but rather renewed and reformed. The first known Illuminati order (Alumbrado) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Jews, called ‘Marranos,’ who were also known as ‘crypto-Jews.’... In 1491 San Ignacio De Loyola was born in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member of the Illuminati Order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto Jewish activities, he became very active as a Roman Catholic... In 1539 he had moved to Rome where he founded the ‘Jesuit Order’...”]
1772- August. Frank released by conquering Russians who had occupied Czestochowa
1772-1786 Frank moves to the Moravian town of Brno (Bruenn).Lives there for thirteen years. Frank spoke a great deal about a general revolution which would overthrow kingdoms, and the Catholic church in particular.
1776-Freemasonry's American Revolution
1780- The Order of the Asiatic Brethren in Europe, founded in Brno (Bruenn), Moravia by Jacob Frank, who changed his name to Dobrushka, to construct an upper level above the regular Masonic structure which opened doors to additional mysteries. The Order's theosophic doctrines and ceremonial regulations were based upon Jacob Frank's Militaristic version of Sabbatian Kabbalah. (Katz p.27)
1784- Sir Moses Montefiore (Sephardic, Mason)(1784-1885) was born in Livorno, Italy.
1786- Jacob Frank suffers temporary financial problems, and moved his court to Offenbach, near Frankfurt. There Frank’s money problems were solved by benefactors among them, M.A. Rothschild.
1789- French (Masonic) Revolution
1791- Jacob Frank dies in Offenbach.
1791- Masonic Napoleon emancipates French Jewry. One hundred years later, another French Mason, Baron Edmond de Rothschild would support the establishment of Israel.)
1796-97- Napoleon's Italian campaign.
1799- Masonic brother, Napoleon becomes First consul of the French Republic.
1894- Napoleon becomes Emperor of the French.
1806-Napoleon's Jewish "Sanhedrin" convenes.
1806- Holy Roman Empire falls under Napoleon (Napoleon Mason possibly of Spanish Marrano origins)
1807- The Frankfurt Judenloge founded by M.A.Rothschild clerk Geisenheimer. " The old established Frankfurt families were well represented in the lodge including: the Adlers, Speyers, Reisses, and Sichels. Even the richest and most powerful Frankfurt families were included: the Ellisons, Hanaus, Goldschmidts, and Rothschilds. Salomon Mayer (who afterward moved to Vienna), the second of the five Rothschild brothers, became a member..."
1812- September 19th, Mayer Amschel Rothschild dies.
Napoleons "defeat" at Battle of Waterloo.N.M. Rothschilds victory at the London Bourse.
1816- Eva Frank dies.
1829- Jews began arguing in England for official equality.
1833- The first emancipation bill passed the House of Commons but was defeated in the House of Lords. In 1833, the first Jew was admitted to the Bar
1835- the first Jewish sheriff was appointed.
1837- Queen Victoria knighted Moses Montefiore.
1841- Isaac Lyon Goldsmid was made baronet, the first Jew to receive a hereditary title. In 1841, the first Anglo-Jewish periodical, The Jewish Chronicle, was founded. It still exists today.
1855- The first Jewish Lord Mayor of London, Sir David Salomons took office. In 1855, Jews College, a theological seminary, was started. It is now an affiliate of London University that offers rabbinical training and adult education.
1858- the emancipation of the Jews and a change in the Christian oath required of all members of Parliament. On July 26, 1858, the Jewish Baron, Lionel de Rothschild, took his seat in the House of Commons after an 11-year debate over whether he could take the required oath. A Jewish welfare organization for the poor called the Jewish Board of Guardians (now the Jewish Welfare Board) was created in 1859.
1863- Rothschild and Isaac Goldsmit of the Ashkenazic community joined Sir Moses Montefiore of the Sephardim to solidify the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler united all Ashkenazic congregations near London into a United Synagogue and created the chief rabbinate of England.
1874- Benjamin Disraeli became the first “Jewish” Prime Minister.
1882- 46,000 Jews lived in England
1885- Sir Moses Montefiore dies.
1888-Adolph Hitler was conceived, in Vienna, during a Frankist celebration of the Ninth of Av , which took place on July 20th, 1888 in celebration of Shabbatai Tzvi's birthday. Adolph Hitler was born 9 months later on April 20th, 1889.
To be continued

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The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

History of jewish Child abuse


•History: October 26, 1407, Krakow Accusations. This marks one of the first blood libels in Poland. The Jews tried to defend themselves and were forced to take refuge in the Church of St. Anne, which was surrounded and then set afire. Any children left alive were forcibly baptized.

•HIstory: 1419 Sarah of Wuerzburg (Bavaria, Germany) Received a license from Archbishop Johann II Von Nassau (1396-1419) to practice medicine, making her one of the few women allowed to do so. Other Jewish women physicians during this age included Sarah La Migresse, Sara de Saint Gilles and Rebekah Zerlin of Frankfort. For the most part, women were limited to helping other women.

•History: 1490, the first yeshiva (rabbinic seminary) established in Krakow, Poland.

•History: 1492, Christopher Columbus discovers America. The possibility of his being Jewish is based on the origins of his name being Colon (which was a common Jewish name) and his own mysterious writings. 1492 also marks the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.


•History: 1501, First black slaves in America brought to Spanish colony of Santo Domingo.

•History: 1503, Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa.

•History: 1504, Michelangelo sculpts the David

•History: 1536, Henry VIII executes second wife, Anne Boleyn.


•History: In 1607 the Virginia Colony at Jamestown was the first permanent English colony established in what would become the United States of America.

•History: In 1619 a Dutch ship brings the first African slaves to British North America.

•History: 1633, Inquisition forces Galileo (astronomer) to recant his belief in Copernican theory.

•Case: Case of Sabbatai Zevi. In 1648 he proclaimed himself the Messiah.


•History: 1773, The Boston Tea Party.

•History: 1776, Declaration of Independence signed. The United States of America is created

•Case: Case of Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement


•Case / History: Responsa includes a case of a teach accused in one town and ran to another town. Parallel to case of today. (03/08/2007)

1860's - 1930's

•Case: Case of The Zwi Migdal Society; story broke but was forgotten for many years. Thousands of naive, impoverished Jewish girls from eastern Europe were sold by mobsters into sexual slavery. The kidnapping, rape and forced prostitution of young Jewish women lasted from the end of the 1860s until the start of the Second World War.


•History: Mary Ellen Wilson was a nine-year-old girl from New York, who was being severally abused and neglected by her foster parents. Mary Ellen might have died if it wasn't for a nurse who was working in her neighborhood. The reality of what happened is frightening, Back in 1874 there were NO laws on the books to protect children, yet there were laws on the books to protect animals. The sufferings of Mary Ellen, led to the founding of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the first organization of its kind.


•Organization: The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC) and several Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals from throughout the country joined together to form the American Humane Association


•History: The first Juvenile Court was founded in Cook County (Chicago, IL). By 1920, all but three states had juvenile court legislation.


•Case: Case of The Unnamed Kidnapping Chazen (Cantor); story broke but was forgotten for many years. The Cantor was accused of kidnapping young boys from Europe and bringing them to Toronto, Canada.


•History: As a result of President Roosevelt's 1909 White House Conference on Children, Congress created the United States Children's Bureau.


•History: In 1913, Mary Ellen Wilson, attend the American Humane Association's national conference in Rochester, NY, with Etta Wheeler, her long-time advocate. Ms. Wheeler was a guest speaker at the conference. Her keynote address, "The Story of Mary Ellen which started the Child Saving Crusade Throughout the World" was published by the American Humane Association.


•Legal: The nineteenth amendment was passed giving women in the United States the right to vote.

◦The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Passed June 4, 1919. Ratified August 18, 1920..


•Legal: Congress passes the Sheppard-Towner Act, which established Children's Bureaus at the state level and promoted maternal-infant health.


•Legal: Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first introduced to Congress. The ERA states that "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex." Suffragist leader Alice Paul, founder of the National Woman's Party, wrote the ERA in 1923. The ERA was introduced to Congress every year from 1923 to 1972, when it was finally passed as the proposed 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It then needed to receive ratification from 38 states. In 1979, Congress extended the ERA's seven-year time limit for ratification for another three years, but by the amendment's 1982 deadline, only 35 states had ratified it-three states short of the requirement. The ERA has been reintroduced into every session of Congress since 1982.


•Legal: The Supreme Court of the United States confirmed the state's authority to intervene in family relationships to protect children in Prince v. Massachusetts.


•Legal: Aid to Dependent Children was added to the Social Security Act.

•History: Dr. Caffey, a pediatric radiologist in Pittsburgh, published the results of his research showing that subdural hepatomas and fractures of the long bones in infants were inconsistent with accidental trauma.


•History: May 14, (5 Iyar 5708) Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day). On this day David Ben Gurion declared the founding of the State of Israel. It is celebrated annually on its Hebrew date, and is preceded by Yom Hazikaron, Israel's National Memorial Day.

•Book: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-I)was published by the American Psychiatric Association . The term used for traumatic stress disorders was called "Gross stress reaction". It described the aftereffects of previously normal persons who began having symptoms related to intolerable stress.


•History: Mary Ellen Wilson died in 1956 at the age of 92. Mary Ellen was severely abused as a child. The end result led to the founding of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.


Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Allegations of professional sexual misconduct (clergy sexual abuse) against Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach can be dated back to the 1960's. Yet the story did not hit the news media until 1998 when Lilith Magazine published an article. Spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, and others report numerous incidents, from playful propositions to actual sexual contact. Most of the allegations include middle-of-the-night, sexually charged phone calls and unwanted attention or propositions. Others, which have been slower to emerge, relate to sexual molestation


•History: Child abuse was formally recognized by the medical profession as "The Battered Child Syndrome".


•History: Following a medical symposium the previous year, several physicians headed by Denver physician C. Henry Kempe, published the landmark article The Battered Child Syndrome in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Through the article, Kempe and his colleagues exposed the reality that significant numbers of parents and caretakers batter their children, even to death. The Battered Child Syndrome describes a pattern of child abuse resulting in certain clinical conditions and establishes a medical and psychiatric model of the cause of child abuse. The article marked the development of child abuse as a distinct academic subject. The work is generally regarded as one of the most significant events leading to professional and public awareness of the existence and magnitude of child abuse and neglect in the United States and throughout the world.21

•History: In response to The Battered Child, the Children's Bureau held a symposium on child abuse, which produced a recommendation for a model child abuse reporting law.


•Book: The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan was published


•Legal: Passage of Civil Rights Act, which creates The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, to enforce the prohibition of employment discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, and national origin.

•Organization: Prison Research Education Action Project (P.R.E.A.P.) created by Fay Honey Knop. This was the first organization created that addressed the issues relating to sex offenders. Name was changed to Inc. in 1985.


•History: On July 2, 1965, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) commenced operations.


•Organization: JANE, one of the country's first abortion counseling services was founded by Heather Booth.

•History: June 1966, at a luncheon at the Third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women in Washington, D.C., 28 people planned the formation of the National Organization for Women (NOW).


•Legal: 4 states had adopted mandatory reporting laws. The remaining six states adopted voluntary reporting laws. All states now have mandatory reporting laws. Generally, the laws require physicians to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse. Reporting laws, now expanded to include other professionals and voluntary reporting by the public, together with immunity for good faith reporting, are recognized as one of the most significant measures ever taken to protect abused and neglected children. Reporting is recognized as the primary reason for the dramatic increases seen in cases of child abuse and neglect.


•History: Young feminists protest the Miss America Pageant's objectification of women.

•Book: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II)was published. "Gross stress reaction" was replaced with the diagnosis of "(transient) adjustment disorder of adult life".


•History: First "speak out" on abortion. The women's liberation movement developed the "speak-out" in response to frequent occasions when women were excluded from testifying on issues that affected their lives because they were not considered to be the "experts." First used to publicize women's abortion experiences, speak-outs were events in which people offered first-person testimony in a public setting, asserting their authority based upon their own experiences. - Gloria Steinem

•History: Barbara Seaman writes letter to Senator Gaylord Nelson about dangers of birth control pill, leads to Senate hearings in 1970

•Organization: Association for Women in Psychology was co-founded by Phyllis Chesler

•Organization: New York Radical Feminists was founded by Shulamith Firestone. She is the older sister of Rabbi Tirzah Firestone.

•Case: Case of List of Abuses at Ner Israel; story broke - Toronto Star (Canada)

•Case of Wayne Stephen Young - Fish Store Owner (Baltimore, MD); story broke - Court of Special Appeals of Maryland


•History: Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd at Kent State, killing four students and wounding nine others.

•History: Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band was created by Naomi Weisstein.

•History: Phyllis Chesler demands reparations for women from American Psychological Association.

•History: The Feminist Presswas founded. - Florence Howe

•Book: Marriage Agreement by Alix Kates Shulman is published.

•Case of Peter Yarrow - Singer; story breaks - New York Times


•History: First Public Speak-Out On Rape was organized by the New York Radical Feminists. The women's movement was instrumental in bringing attention to the incidence of rape and domestic violence that was being perpetrated against women.

•History: Ezrat Nashim was created. It grew out of a study group on the status of women in Judaism that formed in the fall of 1971 in the New York Havurah. - Paula Hyman.

•History: The National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC) co-founded by Letty Cottin Pogrebin. The Caucus was formed to identify, recruit, train, endorse, and support women seeking office at all levels of government, regardless of party affiliation.

•Legal: California Court of Appeals recognized the Battered Child Syndrome as a medical diagnosis and a legal syndrome in People v. Jackson.22

•Organization: International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) was created.

•Case of Joyce Abrams; story broke - New York Times

•Case of Eugene Abrams; story broke - New York Times


•History: Chaim Shatan was studying the effects of other kinds of trauma on children. He chaired a roundtable discussion at the IV International Psychoanalytic Forum in New York, comparing delayed survivor reactions in two parent groups: Vietnam veterans and concentration camp inmates, having noted significant symptoms of unresolved mourning in young adults who were children of World War II veterans from 1965-1970.

•History: Rape crisis workers in Illinois had established 24-hour crisis lines, conducted education and training programs, created thousands of brochures, offered self defense classes, organized and marched in "Take Back the Night" events and devoted thousands of hours to helping victims heal from the devastation of rape.

•History: Ezrat Nashim, presented the "Call for Change" to the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative movement on March 14, 1972 and disseminated it to the press.

•Legal: Congress passes Title IX of the Education Amendment. Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments to the 1964 Civil Rights Act bans sex discrimination in any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Title IX led to the growth of school athletic facilities and programs for girls and women.

•History: Ms. Magazine first hit the newsstands in January, 1972 -

•Article Published: Post-Vietnam Syndrome, by Chaim Shatan - New York Times (May, 1972)

•Book: Our Bodies, Ourselves by Nancy Miriam Hawley, was published.


•History: Children's Division of the American Humane Association testified before a Senate Committee, estimating that 100,00 children were sexually abused each year.

•History: First National Conference on Jewish Women held in New York City.

•Legal: The United States Supreme Court legalizes abortion in the Roe v. Wade decision.


•History: Ann Burgess and Linda Holstrom at Boston City Hospital described the "rape trauma syndrome" noting that the terrifying flashbacks and nightmares seen in these women resembled the traumatic neuroses of war. Susan Brownmiller and other feminist writers and thinkers redefined rape as an act of violence directed at maintaining dominance. In doing so, they placed the act of rape squarely in a political framework of power relationships, laying the groundwork for cross-fertilization with colleagues working with other survivor groups.

•History: Patty Hearst, age 19, was kidnapped by a terrorist group, while sitting at home with her boyfriend. She was a captive of the group and was physically, sexually, and emotionally tortured. She developed a new persona (dissociation) and a new name, "Tanya" and was caught by the FBI while participating in a bank robbery with the group.

•Legal: Congress passed landmark legislation in the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA; Public Law 93-273; 42 U.S.C. 5101). The act provides states with funding for the investigation and prevention of child maltreatment, conditioned on states' adoption of mandatory reporting law. The act also conditions funding on reporter immunity, confidentiality, and appointment of guardians ad litem for children. The act also created the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) to serve as an information clearinghouse. In 1978, The Adoption Reform Act was added to CAPTA. In 1984, CAPTA was amended to include medically disabled infants, the reporting of medical neglect and maltreatment in out-of-home care, and the expansion of sexual abuse to include sexual exploitation.

•Book: Rape: The First Sourcebook for Women, by New York Radical Feminists, edited by Noreen Connell and Cassandra Wilson, published by New American Library in 1974. •Case of Harvey N. Berish, School Teacher; story breaks - New York Times


•History: Chaim Shatan was studying the effects of other kinds of trauma on children. He presented a paper at the 1975 meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association (1975) looking at the delayed impact of war-making, persecution and disaster on children. But there was a great deal of professional resistance to recognizing that previously normal and healthy children could be severely damaged by exposure to psychologically traumatizing events.

•History: United Nations (UN) holds first World Conference on Women in Mexico City.

•History: William Niederland, Chaim Shatan and Henry Krystal organized a conference on victimization at Yeshiva University, New York, NY

•Legal: Rape Victims Emergency Treatment Act passes the Illinois General Assembly and is signed into law.

•Organization: National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA) was founded and other victim-centered groups emerged, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Parents of Murdered Children.

•Organization: Incest Survivors Resource Network International (ISRNI) created. This is the first organization created by survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Anne-Marie Erikson and her husband Eric Erikson were the founders. This was a Quaker-affiliated organization.

•Book: The Politics of Rape: The Victims Perspective by Diana E.H. Russel.


•History: The first International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women was held in Brussels.

•History: Lilith Magazine was founded by Susan Weidman Schneider


•History: Women activists from nine community-based rape crisis centers in Illinois gathered to "form a mutual support group...adding strength to any issue such as legislative action, and giving our strength to each other." Searching for a name that reflected the profound social struggle necessary to end the degradation and rape of women, these activists named their group the Illinois Coalition of Women Against Rape (ICWAR). Later changing their name to the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

•History: Jewish Theological Seminary convenes Commission on the Ordination of Women as Rabbis


•History: Ann Burgess and her colleagues noted that "concern for the victims of sexual assault has become a national priority only during the past five years. In that time, both public awareness of and knowledge about sexual assault and its victims have grown immeasurably"


•History: Lenore Terr published the first of her series of papers and a book on the children of the Chowchilla, California kidnapping which introduced a developmental focus on the effects of trauma.

•History: Lenore Walker published her landmark study on victims of domestic violence.

•History: Founding of Drisha Institute, first center for women's advanced study of classical Jewish texts

•Unpublished Article: All in the Family: A study of Intra-familial Violence in the Los Angeles Jewish Community, by Betsy Giller and Ellen Goldsmith, unpublished master's thesis, Hebrew Union College and University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1979.

•Case: Rabbi Perry Cohen was fired from Congregation Shaar Shalom (Chomedey, Montreal, Canada) for sexual impropriety.


•Legal: Congress passed the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act (Public Law 96-272; 42 U.S.C. 420) designed to remedy problems in the foster care system. The act made federal funding for foster care dependent on certain reforms. In 1983, the act was amended to include "reasonable efforts." The reasonable efforts amendment provided for special procedures before removing a child and reunification strategies after removal. Important provisions for case review were also included. The act and its amendment essentially provided fiscal incentives to encourage states to prevent unnecessary foster care placements and to provide children in placement with permanent homes as quickly as possible. The law also gave courts a new oversight role.

•Article Published: "Battered Women Urged to Save Their Own Lives," B'nai Brith Messenger, Los Angeles, Nov. 21, 1980, p. 31

•Organization: VOICES In Action, Inc. (Victims of Incest Can Emerge Survivors). VOICES is one of the first self-help organizations developed to address childhood sexual abuse. Diana Carson was the founder



•History: Judith Herman, MD and her colleagues in Boston began to document the effects in adult women of having been sexually abused as children.

•Legal: Title XX of the Social Security Act was amended to include the Social Services Block Grant to provide child protective services funding to states. This became the major source of state social service funding.

◦Illinois Department of Public Health receives allocation with designation for Rape Crisis and Rape Prevention.

•Article Published: "Community Denial Prevents Recognition: Alcohol Causing Problems for Israelis," B'nai Brith Messenger, Los Angeles, May 8, 1981, p. 9.

•Article Published: "Helping the Abused Jewish Wife or Child," Sh'ma, by Barbara Harris, Oct 16, 1981, 11(219):145.

•Article Published: Child Abuse Said Worsening, by Charles Hoffman. Jerusalem Post, Nov. 29, 1981.

•Case of Peter Yarrow - Singer. Yarrow receives presidential pardon after he pled guilty to taking "immoral and improper liberties" with a 14-year-old girl back in 1970. Peter Yarrow was married to the niece of Democratic Senator Eugene J. McCarthy at the time of the pardon. Yarrow served three months of a one- to three-year prison sentence.


•History: Ratification period for ERA ends and the ERA expires, three states short of ratification.

•Book: Father-Daughter Incest by Judith Lewis Herman was published.


•Legal: Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Act is signed into law, revising Illinois rape and incest statutes.

•Legal: Illinois Confidentiality of Statements Made to Rape Crisis Personnel grants absolute privilege to sexual assault victims.

•Book: I Never Told Anyone: Writings by Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Ellen Bass and Louise Thornton was published

•Article Published: "Today, The Silent Scream," by D'vora Ben Shaul, Jerusalem Post, July 1, 1983, p. 9.

•Article Published: "Rape, Incest, Taboo Topics In The Orthodox Community," by Lisa Schiffren, The Jewish Week and American Examiner, August 23, 1983.

•Case: Allegations made against Rabbi Matis Weinberg, Yeshivat Kerem, Santa Clara, California. This (case never made it to the news media until 2003



•Legal: Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) passed Congress, promising future funding for victim services.

◦Passage of the Illinois Violent Crime Victims Assistance Act made funds available for increased counseling and advocacy with victims of sexual assault. Rape crisis centers hired full-time advocates and 16 centers established specialized counseling services for children.

•Organization: VOICES In Action, Inc. (Victims of Incest Can Emerge Survivors) moves to Chicago. VOICES is one of the first self-help organizations developed to address childhood sexual abuse.

•Case of Eugene Loub Aronin (AKA: Gene Aronin, Eugene Aronin), School Counselor/Teacher; story broke - The Texas Record.

•Case of Michael Ashbal, Hebrew Academy Teacher; story broke - Miami Herald

•Case of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz; story breaks - New York Times

•Case of Rabbi Melvin Teitelbaum (Charges Dismissed); story broke - United Press International


•Article Published: Sexual Offenses Redefined, by Bar-Natan, Ya'acov. Israel Scene, 1988, 10(5):9.

•Organization: Self-Help Group For Jewish Survivors: VOICES In Action, Inc. creates the first Special Interest Group (SIG) for Jewish Survivors of childhood Sexual Abuse. This basically was a pen pal group using snail mail. Vicki Polin develops resources and referrals for survivors on an international level.

•Case of Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel; story first broke in 1985, yet was never made public until 2006.

•Case of Rabbi Isadore Trachtman; no news media attention, yet everyone in Chicago knew about this case - court documents

•Case: Allegations made against Rabbi Mordechai Winarz (AKA: Mordechai Gafni, Marc Gafni). This case never made it to the news media until 2004



•Legal: Congress passed the Child Abuse Victims' Rights Act, which gave a civil damage claim to child victims of violations of federal sexual exploitation law.

•Article Published: The Bond Abused: A Survivor of Incest Breaks Silence, Sharon Lowenstein. Moment, 02::2, January/February, 1986.

•Case of Rabbi Alan Jay "Shneur Horowitz, MD; story breaks - Charlotte Observer (NC)

•Case of Rabbi Hirsch Travis; story broke - United Press International



•Article Published: "Beyond Inclusion: Redefining the Jewish Family," by Marcia Cohn Spiegel. Genesis, Autumn, 1987. (describes violence and addiction in Jewish families and our denial of problem).

•Organization: Justice For Childrenwas founded by former Harris County, Texas prosecutor, Randy Burton.

•Case of Rabbi Mordecai Magencey, Phd; story breaks - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

•Case The board at Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun had hearings relating to the allegations made of sex crimes committed by Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. Their attempt to deal with the allegations themselves was disastrous.

•Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. In 1987, the Winnipeg Council of Rabbis wrote a letter to the editor of the Winnipeg Jewish Post & News alleging that Rabbi Bryks plagiarized several articles in his Weekly Torah commentaries from a book by Ottawa Rabbi Reuven Bulka's called Torah Therapy. Rabbi Bryks' lawyer threatened the newspaper with a lawsuit if the letter were published. It was never printed



•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed prohibiting polygraph examination of sexual assault victims.

•Legal: Illinois - Hearsay Exception is granted to child sexual assault victims under the age of 13.

•Organization: Agunah, Inc. and GET founded in Brooklyn, NY

•Article Published: The Abuse Child, by Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz. Halakhic Insights." Ten Da'at, Sivan 5748 (Spring 1988), vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 11-12.

•Article Published: The Last Taboo: Dare we Talk about Incest?, by Marcia Cohn Spiegel. Lilith, #20, Summer, 1988.

•Article Published: "A Stumbling Block Before the Blind: Sexual Exploitation in Pastoral Counseling, Rachel Adler and Arthur Gross Schaefer. CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly, Spring 1993, pp.13-54. Summer 1995, pp. 75-79.)

•Article Published: Child Abuse, by Gertrude Conrad and Janet Cohen Hurwitz, Hadassah, 1988, 69(8): 26.

•Article Published: identifying the Abused Child: The Role of Day School Educators, by David Pelcovitz. Ten Da'at, 1988, vol. 2, pp. 9-10.

•Book: The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse was first published. The book written by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis


•Book: Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest by Mike Lew was first published.

•Book: Outgrowing the Pain: A Book for and About Adults Abused As Children by Eliana Gil was published.

•Case Report was published by the regarding the Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks by the Child and Family Service Report - March 23, 1988

•Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. First known investigation of Rabbi Bryks regarding inappropriate behavior with children conducted by Winnipeg Child and Family Services. There would be further investigations by investigative journalists and the Winnipeg police over the next decade. The police investigation remains open to this day and involves several allegations of criminal conduct against multiple children. There is no statue of limitations in Canada on sex crimes against children. Rabbi Bryks initiated libel lawsuits against the CBC and CNN networks as well as against several investigative journalists personally in both Canada and the US. Rabbi Bryks abandoned his lawsuit in Canada and his US lawsuit was dismissed on technical grounds. Rabbi Bryks left Canada in 1990 and has not cooperated with the police



•Article Published: "Abused Women do not Make Choices" by Marcia Cohn Spiegel . Genesis, Spring, 1989.

•Organization: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)was founded by Barbara Blaine, MSW, JD. This was the first organization created to address clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

•Case of Rabbi Haim Pardes; story breaks - Jerusalem Post


•History: First issue of BRIDGES: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and our Friends was published. Created by Ruth Atkin, Elly Bulkin, Rita Falbel, Clare Kinberg, Adrienne Rich.

•Organization: Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI) was formed

•Article Published: Confronting Sexual Abuse in Jewish Families," Sharon Lowenstein. Moment, 15:2, Apr-90, 48-53.

•Book: What Lisa Knew: The Truth and Lies of the Steinberg Case, by J. Johnson. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1990.

•Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. Rabbi Bryks left Canada after serious allegations of sexual abuse were made against him. There is no statue of limitations in Canada on sex crimes against children. This story originally broke in 1988. To this day has refused to cooperate with Canadian police.

•Case of Chaim Ciment; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler. Replaced as principal of the girls Yeshiva University Los Angeles after allegations were made that he molested teenage girls. There is no news media reporting of this case until 2006.

•Case of Rabbi Ivan Wachmann; story broke - London Times.

•Case of David Douglas Webber (AKA: David Webber); story breaks - Canadian Press


•History: Reporter Nina Totenberg breaks story of Anita Hill's allegations of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas, sparking three days of Senate hearings.

•Legal: Congress passed the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990, aimed at improving the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases.

•Legal: Illinois - Civil Statute of Limitations for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse becomes law.

•Article Published: Healing Words, An interview with Laura Davis, child abuse survivor, by Liz Galst. The Advocate, Oct. 22, 1991, p. 87.

•Article Published: Jewish Women Talk About Surviving Incest, Bridges, Spring 1991, 2(1): 26-34.

•Article Published: Jewish Women Talk About Surviving Incest, Bridges, Spring 1991, 2 (1): 26-34.

•Article Published: Battling Violence in Israeli Society, by Rena Kronenthal, Na'amat Woman, Nov.-Dec. 1991, pp. 5-7+

•Article Published / Proposal: The Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse of Children, by Rabbi Mark Dratch. Proposal submitted to "The R.C.A. Roundtable," Nisan 5752.

•Article Published: The Plague of Child Abuse, by Ruth Ebenstein. Jerusalem Report, Nov. 21, 1991, II(5):18.

•Article Published: Physical and Sexual Violence by Husbands as a Reason for Imposing a Divorce in Jewish Law, by Mordechai Frishtik. The Jewish Law Annual, 1991, v9, p. 145.

•Article Published: Forgiving God: An Incest Survivor's Struggle, by Chaya Sarah Sadeh, Neshama, Winter 1991, p.1.

•Book: Rape and Rape Survivors in Israel, by Esther Eilam (translated by Sharon Ne'eman), in Calling the Equality Bluff: Women in Israel, edited by Barbara Swirksi and Marilyn P. Safir, New York: Pergamon Press, 1991, pp. 312-318.

•Case of Shimon Rosen; no story written. Information from sex offender registry



•Legal: Illinois: Citizens vote "yes" for the Illinois Constitutional Amendment for Victims Rights.

•Organization: Survivor Connections, Inc. was created to address clergy sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. The founder was Frank L. Fitzpatrick and Sara Fitzpatrick.

•Article Published: Physical Violence by Parents against their Children in Jewish History and Jewish Law, by Mordechai Frishtik. The Jewish Law Annual. 1992, v10, p. 79.

•Letter to the Editor: Reporting Child Abuse by Mark Dratch, The Globe and Mall (Canada).

•Case of Robert Taylor, former board member Temple Beth Emet ; story breaks - Los Angeles Times


•History: Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes the first Jewish woman to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.

•Legal: As part of the Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act, Congress provided funding for state courts to assess the impact of Public Law 96-272 on foster care proceedings, to study the handling of child protection cases, and to develop a plan for improvement. Funds were made available to states through a grant program called the State Court Improvement Program. The program was the impetus behind a nationwide movement to improve court practice in dependency cases.

•Organization: One Voice: The National Alliance for Abuse Awareness was founded by Sherry Quirk, Esq., and 1958 Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur. One Voice was a 501-c-3 non-profit.

•Article Published: Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct: Another View, by by Rabbi Arthur Gross Schaefer. Rabbinics Today, Dec. 1993, 2(3), p. 3-4.

•Article Published: Surviving Incest in a Holocaust Family, by Lilith Goldberg. Lilith, Winter 1993, 18:1, pp.20-23.

•Article Published: Survey Finds 70% of Women Rabbis Sexually Harassed, by Jennifer R. Cowan. Moment, Oct. 1993, 18:5, pp. 34-37.

•Article Published: Rape crisis: Development of a center in an Israeli hospital. Special Double Issue: An international perspective on social work in health care, by N. Edlis. Social Work in Health Care, 18, 169-178.

•Article Published: Rape on Kibbutz, by Tamar Gozansky. Lilith, Spring 1993, 18(1): 16-17.

•Article Published: Jews Begin to Address Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Rabbis, by Andrea Heiman, Andrea. Los Angeles Times, June 19, 1993, B4.

•Article Published: A Model Child Abuse Prevention Program, by S. Jaffe. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, Winter 1991-2, pp. 114-122.

•Article Published: Yesterday's Victims: Today's Perpetrators? by Mark Levine, Jewish Quarterly, Winter 1993-94, 40(4): 11-16.

•Book: Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror, by Judith Herman was first published.

•Case of Arie Adler and Marisa Rimland; story broke - New York Times

•Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau. Allegations of childhood sexual abuse were disclosed to Aviva Weisbord. Rabbi Eisgrau is currently the principal of the Torah Academy in Baltimore, MD. The case was kept quiet until 2004 when Levi Ford reported it on his blog.

•Case of Michael Scott Wheeler; story breaks - The Arizona Daily Sta



•Legal: Passage of the federal Violence Against Women Act by Congress and signed into law.

•Organization: The American Coalition for Abuse Awareness, a legislative lobbying group, was founded by Sherry Quirk. The ACAA was a 501-c-4 organization.

•Article Published: Common Coping Mechanisms Used by Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Vicki Polin and Gail Roy.

•Article Published: Common Symptoms of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Vicki Polin and Gail Roy.

•Article Published: What's Behind Rabbi's Touch: When a kiss results in a violation of trust, by Phil Jacobs. Detroit Jewish News, July 8, 1994, p. 1.

•Article Published: Our Silent Seasons" A Ceremony of Healing From Sexual Abuse, by Leila Gal Berner "in Life-cycles: Jewish Women on Life Passages and Personal Milestones by Debra Orenstein, editor, Woodstock, Vermont: Jewish Lights, 1994, pp. 121-136.

•Article Published: Breaking the Silence: Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct, by Rabbi Arthur Gross Schaefer. Sh'ma, April 1994, 24(473).

•Article Published: Combating Clergy Sexual Misconduct, Risk Management, by Rabbi Arthur Gross Schaefer. May 1994.

•Article Published: Rabbi Sexual Misconduct: Crying out for a Communal Response, Comment & Analysis, Fall, 1994.

•Documentary: Unorthodox Conduct" airs regarding the case against Rabbi Ephriam Bryks.

◦Produced in 1994 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Ran twice nationally and twice on local affiliate. Run on the CNN Headline News network. Nominated for several and won at least one major journalism award (The New York Festivals' 1994 International TV Programming and Promotion Awards - bronze medal news documentary/special). Most extensive and expensive journalistic investigation in this area (reportedly over $25,000 spent producing).

•Case of Rabbi Samuel Mendelowitz; story breaks - The Record (Bergen County, NJ)


•Web Page: David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages begins. The focus is on Traumatic-Stress, PTSD and Dissociation.

•Book: Sexual Abuse in Nine North American Cultures: Treatment and Prevention, edited by Lisa Fontes. Chapter: Jews and Sexual Child Abuse, Joan Featherman, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1995.

•Case of Rabbi Yehudah Friedlander; story breaks - New York Times

•Case of Rabbi Israel Grunwald; story breaks - New York Times

•Case of Cantor Mark Horowitz; story breaks - The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)


•Article Published: Rabbinical Seminaries Offer Scant Training on Sexual Ethics, by Debra Nussbaum Cohen. Jewish Telegraphic Agency Daily News Bulletin, 74:178, Sept. 20, 1996, p. 3.

•Article Published: "Spirituality for Survival: Jewish Women Recovering from Abuse," by Marcia Cohn Spiegel . Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Fall, 1996 12(2):121-137.

•Article Published: "Help I'm Burnt Out! Vicarious Victimization, Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Compassion Fatigue", by Vicki Polin

•Article Published: Too Soft on Rape? Do judges go easy on rapists, by Janine Zacharia, "Jerusalem Report, Feb. 8, 1996.

•Series of Articles: JTA series by Debra Nussbaum Cohen

◦Rabbinic sexual misconduct -- breaching a sacred trust

◦Critics push for stricter codes for handling sexual misconduct - Jewish Telegraphic Agency Daily News Bulletin, 74:178, Sept. 20, 1996, p. 1-3

▪Also appeared as "Rabbinic Misconduct; Sexual Exploitation by some Spiritual Leaders Raises the Question: Are there really rules or is it an old boys network," Los Angeles Jewish Journal, Oct. 18, 1996, p. 10-12.

◦Victims of rabbinic sex abuse suffer pain of communal denial

◦Conspiracy of silence' fuels rabbis' sexual misdeeds

◦When Rabbis Go Astray: The dilemma for single rabbis; To date or not to date members

•Organization: Founding of Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA)

•Web Page: Jim Hopper. PhD creates his web page on Male Survivors of sexual violence.

•Case of Lawrence J. Cohen, Kindergarten Teacher; story breaks - NJ Star-Ledger

•Case of Rabbi Gershon Freidlin; story breaks - The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)

•Case of Rabbi Robert Kirschner; story breaks - Jewish Bulletin (Northern California)

•Case of Case of Rabbi Arnold Fink; story breaks - JTA


•Legal: In 1997, Congress Passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA; Public Law 105-89). ASFA represents the most significant change in federal child welfare law since the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980. The act includes provisions for legal representation, state funding of child welfare and adoption, and state performance requirements. In general, ASFA is intended to promote primacy of child safety and timely decisions while clarifying "reasonable efforts" and continuing family preservation. ASFA also includes continuation funding for court improvement.23

•Legal: Illinois - Sex Offender Management Board created by Illinois General Assembly.

•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed allowing a defendant's previous victims to testify about defendant's "prior bad acts," whether reported or not.

•Book: The 1997 Chicagoland Area Sexual Abuse Resource Guide for Care Providers and Survivors, by Vicki Polin was published.

•Article Published: Child Abuse in Israel -- Focus on Issues: Israeli Programs Help Families Overcome Scourge of Child Abuse, by Michele Chabin. news release from Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jan. 7, 1998.

•Organization: One Voice and ACAA merged.

•Organization: The Awareness Center opens its doors in Chicago , IL (Rogers Park) as a holistic counseling - /educational center, specializing in sexual violence. In 1999 the co-operative begins to transform into a non-profit organization called The Awareness Center, Inc. (the first international organization that addresses sexual violence in Jewish communities).

•Case of Rabbi Louis Brenner (AKA: Rabbi Lipa Brenner); story originally breaks in the New York Law Journal. Brenner was convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation. Prosecutors said Brenner had sexual contact with a youth he met in the bathroom of the temple they both attended. The molestations allegedly took place over a three-year period that ended in 1995 when the victim was 15 years old.

•Case of James A. Cohen, Counselor for a Jewish Youth Group Bus Trip Around the USA; story breaks - Chicago Tribune

•Case of Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg; story breaks - Jewish Bulletin of Northern California.

•Case of Cantor Stewart Friedman; story breaks - Canadian Press Newswire.

•Case of Rabbi Don Well; story breaks - Daily News (New York)


•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed which makes giving a person a "date rape drug" before sexually assaulting her/him an aggravating factor to the crime.

•Article Published: A Paradoxical Legacy: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's Shadow Side, by Sara Blustain, Lilith, Spring 1998, 23(1), pp. 10-17,"

•Article Published: Sex, Power and Our Rabbis: Readers Respond to 'Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's Shadow Side, Lilith, Summer 1998, pp. 12-16.

•Article Published: Sibling Incest, Madness and the 'Jews', by Sander L. Gilman. Jewish Social Studies. Winter 1998, 4(2): 157-179.

•Case of Gerald "Ajax" Ackerman, Former Mayor; story broke - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach; story breaks in Lilith Magazine. Allegations of sexual misconduct against Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach can be dated back to the 1960's. Spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, and others report numerous incidents, from playful propositions to actual sexual contact. Most of the allegations include middle-of-the-night, sexually charged phone calls and unwanted attention or propositions. Others, which have been slower to emerge, relate to sexual molestation

•Case of Rabbi Ze'ev Kopolevitch and Netiv Meir Yeshiva High School; story breaks - Jerusalem Post

•Case of Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen; story breaks - Canadian Jewish News

•Case of Rabbi Mark A. Golub; story breaks - Daily Press (Newport News, VA)

•Case of Rabbi Jeremy Hershy Worch; story breaks of questionable behavior (newer allegations were also made in 2004). - News-Gazette (Champaign, IL)

•Case of Rabbi Max Zucker; story breaks - Dallas Morning News


•Legal: Illinois: Law is passed to extend the criminal statue of limitations in sexual assault cases of an adult victim to ten years past the time of the rape and ten years past the age of 18 for minor victims.

•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed creating pilot Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs in four Illinois hospitals.

•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed that allows a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse to request that the State's Attorney file a petition to have the court records of the case sealed.

•Organization: Concept of The Awareness Center, Inc. develops. Vicki Polin begins to transform her web page into The Awareness Center's current site, which addresses sexual abuse in Jewish communities.

•Article Published: Israel's Miss World Speaks Out, Alleges She Was Raped, by Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 15, 1999, pp. A13-14.

•Case of Simcha Adler, Counselor; story broke - New York Post

•Case of Samuel S. Aster, Music Teacher/College Professor; story breaks - New York Times

•Case of Rabbi Arthur Charles Shalman; story breaks - The Buffalo News


•Legal: Illinois - Law is passed permitting minor sexual assault victims 13 through 17 years to consent to the release of her or his evidence collection kit to be analyzed for evidence for prosecution.

•Organization: One Voice merged with Justice For Children.

•Case of Yisrael Abadi, Teacher; story breaks - Jerusalem Post

•Case of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel, story breaks originally breaks in Haaretz (Israel). Rabbi Brizel was accused of molesting several male children. Allegations were made of a cover up. Brizel family are the founders of the "Modesty Squad" also known as the "tznius patrol". A group of individuals who organized imposes their moral order on the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel.

•Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner; story breaks - New York Post

•Case of Rabbi Steven Kaplan; story breaks - The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal

•Case of Rabbi Baruch Lanner; story breaks - New York Jewish Week

•Case of Meyer Miller, kosher butcher; story breaks - Chicago Jewish News

•Case of Ari Sorkin; youth director; story breaks - Jewish Exponent

•Case of Rabbi Ze'ev Sultanovitch; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus; story breaks - Jewish Image Magazine


•Organization: Inc. which is the Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault begins to organize in Jerusalem, Israel, later in the year moving to Baltimore, MD. A call goes out looking for others who would be interested in getting involved.

•Case of Cantor Stewart Friedman; story breaks - Canadian Press Newswire.

•Case of Rabbi Jerrold Levy; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Pinchas Lew; story breaks - Canadian Jewish News

•Case of Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov; story breaks - Los Angeles Times

•Case of Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman; story breaks - Forward

•Case of the Unnamed Rabbi - Principal Who Impregnated A Girl With Learning Disabilities - Jewish Telegraphic Agency


•Article Published: "Schools Try To Prep For Sexual Abuse" in the Baltimore Jewish Times regarding the case of Adam Theodore Rubin, former teacher and coach

•Book: I Thought We'd Never Speak Again: The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation, by Laura Davis. New York: Harper Collins, 2002.

•Case of David Carl Arndt, MD; story breaks - NBC News

•Case of Jerry Brauner; no story in the news media - NY State Sex Offender Registry

•Case of Larry Cohen - Soccer Coach; story breaks - Oregonian

•Case of Rabbi Richard Marcovitz; story breaks - KOCO-TV Oklahoma

•Case of Rabbi Juda Mintz; story breaks - Newsday

•Case of Cantor Howard Nevison; story breaks - Philadelphia Inquirer

•Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler; story breaks - Luke Ford's Blog

•Case of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Oratz; no story in the news media. Information from the state sex offender registry.

•Case of Rabbi Michael Ozair; story breaks - Jewish Journal of Orange

•Case of Cantor Michael Segelstein; story breaks - The Las Vegas Sun

•Case of Robert Sternberg; no story written - State Sex Offender Registry

•Case of Tel Aviv Arts School ; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Cantor Phillip Harold Wittlin; story breaks - Jewish Exponent


•History: Rabbi Ephraim Bryks was asked not to speak in Des Moines, IA after a Call To Action was created by The Awareness Center, Inc. "Rabbi's visit canceled amid abuse allegations", Des Moines Register (11/14/2003)

•Organization: The Awareness Center receives its federal non-profit status with the IRS.

•Conference: Jewish Women International's First International Conference - Pursuing Truth, Justice and Righteousness. Lost in the Shuffle: Jewish Survivors of Sexual Victimization. Vicki Polin and Michael Salamon

•Article Published: Confronting Abuse In The Orthodox Community by Rabbi Yosef Blau, Nefesh News, 7:9, July 2003).

•Article Published: Rabbi's Odyssey Reflects Struggle on Sexual Abuse by Alan Cooperman. Washington Post. Story about the case of Sidney I. Goldenberg.

•Article Published: Legislators reject bill requiring priests to break seal of Confession. by Henrietta Gomes. Catholic Standard

•Article Published: Clergy as Mandated Reporters by Vicki Polin. Testimony was also provided in the senate hearing, Annapolis, MD.

•Article Published: When a Family Member Molests: Reality, Conflict & the Need for Support, by Vicki Polin, Michael Salamon and Na'ama Yehuda. Many Voices

•Article Published: Soul Searching: Sexual Abuse, Cults, and Missionaries by Vicki Polin and Na'ama Yehuda. The Awareness Center

•Case of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner; story breaks in Haaretz (Israel). Two women accused the rabbi of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him.

•Case of Rabbi Aryeh Blaut (AKA: Louis Blaut, Louis Steven Blaut, Louis A. Blaut, Louis S. Blaut) - No article ever written regarding this convicted sex offender. Rabbi Blaut is the past principal of the Seattle Hebrew Academy.

•Case of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen; story breaks - New York Jewish Week

•Case of Eric Dorfner, BBYO Volunteer; ; story breaks - Burlington County Times

•Case: Washington Post article published on Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg

•Case of Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg; story breaks - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

•Case of the Jewish School in Manchester, England; story breaks - Totally Jewish

•Case of Cantor Joel Gordon; story breaks - JTA

•Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Yona Metzger; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Cantor Robert Shapiro; story breaks - The Patriot Ledger

•Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler; story breaks - Luke Ford

•Case of Howard Marc Watzman, MD; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg; story breaks - Yeshiva University Commentator

•Case of Yeedle Werdyger - Chassidic Singer; story breaks - Bambili

•Case of Moshe Meshi Zahav; story breaks - Bambili News



The Awareness Center issued a "call to action" against efforts to rename an Upper West Side street Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Way. The call for action was successful and the application for naming the street was withdrawn.

•Conference: JOFA 's 5th Annual International Conference. Addresses sexual violence in Jewish communities.

◦"Shattering the Silence: Childhood Sexual Abuse," Vicki Polin and Michael Salamon.

◦"The Politics of Gender in Confronting an Abusive Rabbi," Judy Klitsner.

◦"When Authority Breaks Down: The Abuse of Power," Rabbis Yosef Blau and Mark Dratch

•Book: Victims No Longer (Second Edition) by Mike Lew. The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Child Sexual Abuse

•Article Published: Remembering To Exhale by Vicki Polin. Plain Views: A Publication of the HealthCare Chaplaincy.

•Article Published: Facing A Mixed Legacy - First Carlebach conference to grapple with issue of abuse head on; opposition to street naming. New York Jewish Week. Regarding the Call To Action by The Awareness Center not to have a street named after alleged sex offender - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

•Article Published: Local Activists Hit Orthodox Feminist Conference. Baltimore Jewish Times.

•Case of Harold Bloom, Humanities and English Professor at Yale University; story breaks - Yale Daily News

•Case of Rami "Eli" Buchnik, Teacher Youth Instructor and Gym Coach; story broke - Haaretz

•Case of Lieutenant Colonel Eli Bunbut, Israel Defense Force; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau; story originally broke on a blog by Levi Ford. Rabbi Eisgrau has been accused of physically abusing and sexually assaulting one of his children. There have also been allegations that two families were "run out of Baltimore" because they wanted to go to secular legal authorities to deal with the accusations of child abuse)

•Case of Rabbi Benyamin Yaakov Fleischman; court documents - No story ever written.

•Case of Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg; story breaks - Star Tribune (St. Paul, MN)

•Case of Rabbi Michael Mayersohn; story breaks - JTA

•Case of Rabbi Eliyahu Tzabari; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Rabbi Nachman Weisfeld; story breaks - Haaretz

•Case of Adam Wexler - Musician ; story breaks - MSN News (Hebrew)

•Case of Rabbi Jeremy Hershy Worch; story breaks (past and current allegations) - Luke Ford


•Book: Sex Maniac by Sonia Pressman Fuentes published.

•Article Published: Defrocked rabbi's Jerusalem lecture cancelled after threats, by Daphna Berman. Regarding the case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler.

•Article Published: No charges expected against rabbi - Dateline' reaction one of sadness, by Eric Fingerhut. Regarding the case of Rabbi David Kaye. Washington Jewish Week.

•Article Published: Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community by Carrie Devorah. The Jewish magazine.

•Article Published: Bullying, Intimidation, Extortion Attempts: Advocating for Survivors of Sexual Violence by Vicki Polin. The Awareness Center, Inc.

•Conference: Jewish Women International's Conference - Pursuing Truth, Justice and Righteousness. Rabbi Yosef Blau and Vicki Polin presented a workshop entitled, "Lost in the Shuffle: Jewish Survivors of Sexual Victimization".

•Case of Errine Renata Acciaroli - Special Education Teacher; story broke - Toronto Sun

•Case of Yossi Boker, Assistant Commander Police Investigative Department; story breaks - Jerusalem Post

•Case of Nachman Borenstein, Teacher's Aide Talmud Torah; story breaks - Jerusalem Post

•Case of Peter Braunstein, Playwright and Freelance Journalist; story breaks - WABC Eyewitness News

•Case of Rabbi Asher Dann; story breaks - Haaretz and Jerusalem Post

•Case of Rabbi David Kaye; story breaks - Dateline NBC

•Case of Rabbi David Lipman; story breaks - Associated Press

•Case of Rabbi Yaakov Menken; story breaks - Luke Ford

•Case of Rabbi Gabriel Ohayon; story breaks - South Florida Sun Sentinel

•Case of Omer Yaish; story breaks - Jerusalem Post

•Case of the 40-year-old man residing in an ultra-orthodox yeshiva; story broke - YNet News


•Talk Radio Show: A Jewish Perspective on Child Sexual Abuse. Vicki Polin, executive director of The Awareness Center, Inc. appears on

•Article Published: Orthodox Jew fights for her right to divorce. This article is regarding the case of Ephraim Ohana. Baltimore Examiner.

•Article Published: Nobody's Child: Surviving without a Family. by Vicki Polin, Michael Salamon and Na'ama Yehuda.

•Article Published: Rabbis Investigating Allegations of Sexual Offenses. by Vicki Polin. Abuse Tracker

•Article Published: On the Rabbi's Knee: Do the Orthodox Jews have a Catholic-priest problem? by Robert Kolker. New York Magazine

•Case of Gary Philip Dolovich, Attorney (AKA: Gary Dolovich); story breaks - Winnipeg Sun (Winnipeg, Canada)

•Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann; story breaks on the blog Unorthodox Jew. Serious allegations made against Rabbi Moshe Eiseman over the last several years of molesting boys at Ner Israel of Baltimore, MD. These allegations have since been confirmed by various reliable rabbinic sources. As a result of the allegations being made public, Rabbi Eiseman was forced into retirement.

•Case of Cantor Philip Friedman; story breaks - Albany Times Union

•Case: New Allegations made against Rabbi Mordechai Gafni; story breaks - New York Jewish Week

•Case of Moshe Katsav - President of Israel,. story breaks - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

•Case of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; story breaks - Unorthodox Jew. Rabbi Yudi Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah were hit with a $20 million civil lawsuit on May 5, 2006, accusing him of molesting two students more than 25 years ago. One of the alleged victims said Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, 60, sexually assaulted him when he was a seventh-grade student. Rabbi Joel Kolko was arrested in New York City on December 7, 2006 following a long-term police investigation. He was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, including two felony counts, and endangering the welfare of a child. The most recent sexual abuse was allegedly against an 8-year-old boy, who says he was abused while he was in the first grade during the 2002-03 school year.

•Case of Samuel Juravel (AKA: Shmuel Juravel) story breaks - Savannah Morning News. (02/23/2007) On September 25, 2006, Juravel pleads guilty and is sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. Juravel's arrest and prosecution is part of the FBI's Project Safe Childhood.

•Case of Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz , story breaks - New York Post (12/14/2007). A civil suit was filed against Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Leizerowitz of the Gerrer Mesivta High School in Borough Park Brooklyn. The charges include improperly touching a boy during a one-on-one help session in the rabbi's office in the Borough Park secondary school. Three other older boys have also come forward making similar allegations.

•Case of Rabbi Edward Schlaeger; story breaks - Connecticut Post

•Case of Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel; story first broke in 1985, yet was never published until 2006 - Luke Ford's Blog

•Case: Cantor Robert Shapiro is ordered by a judge to pay $8.4 million for sexually abusing an mentally retarded woman.

•Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler; story first broke in 1990 when he was replaced as principal of the girls Yeshiva University Los Angeles after allegations of molestation of students. There is no news media reporting of this case until 2006. - The Awareness Center



•Series of Articles Published: Reining in Abuse: horror stories about sexual misdeeds perpetrated by rabbis and other vaunted communal figure. By Richard Greenberg and Eugene Meyer. Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) (01/10/2007)

•Article Published: The End Of Innocence: Confronting Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Community. By Sholom Greenwald. (02/14/2007)

•Article Published: Jewish laws governing reporting to the authorities in cases of child abuse (Hebrew)


•Article Published: Passover Prayer On Behalf of Abused and Neglected Children (03/30/2007)

•Legislative Hearing: Testimony Provided on Maryland Senate Bill 575 - SB 575: Civil Actions - Child Sexual Abuse - Statute of Limitations (03/01/2007)

•Case of Samuel Juravel (AKA: Shmuel Juravel). Survivor speaks out - Baltimore Jewish Times. (02/23/2007)

•Case of Yosef Meystel (AKA: Joseph Meystel). Story breaks - Baltimore Jewish Times. (02/23/2007)


•Case of Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt. Survivor speaks out - The Awareness Center Daily Newsletter. (03/19/2009)

•Case of Rabbi Jacob Max. Story breaks - (04/2009)

•Case of Dr. Rabbi Jack Nusan Porter. Story breaks - The Awareness Center Daily Newsletter (09/30/2009)