Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean "believers" felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions .” – Gershom Scholem
The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed
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Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Bilderberger Conference in Turkey

Kemal Pasha Revolution AND THE Bilderberg Conference in Turkey
The Necessity of Detecting the Sabbatean Presence

The 2007 Bilderberg Conference had been held in Istanbul, Turkey. Of course, here in Japan not a single word of this has been in the Press. According to James Tucker of American Free Press, there has been official press release regarding this conference in Turkey.

Thus the Turkish elite class and other interested international parties must have been made aware that there had been regular attendee of the Bilderberg from Turkey before. Why would a Bilderberg conference which is fundamentally an Anglo-European elite club, accept participants from a Turkish country which is fundamentally Islam...?

Even before the creation of the Bilderberg in 1954, Turkey had already been invited to join the NATO. This makes very little sense and appears like an irrational and absurd choice of offer when observed from a logical point of view.

This issue, or this problem has never been fully discussed from my knowledge. The presence of Kemal Pasha's "Turkish Revolution" is relatively well known in the historical world panorama, - at least on the surface... But the true facts behind the facade is hardly ever discussed or even known.
In this Bilderberg conference Kissinger emphasized the strategic (geo-political) importance of Turkey (From AFP, June 11th, 18th-double edition, pg.11)
It simply meant that Turkey has a great geo-political value for the Illuminati-"Committee of Three Hundred"

Why-to entice the whole world to follow and complete their agenda of this Third World War, and complete their elimination towards Islam versus Zionist-Israel and Zionist-Christianity. For this, Turkey is in a strategically crucial place. Kamal Pasha Revolution was really forwarded by the "Young Turk Movement/Turkish Youth Movement.", which in turn was composed of Jews and
Freemasons within the Ottoman Empire. But their power alone would not have been competent enough to overturn a regime. They obtained help from the Sabbatians.

They are the followers of Shabbetai Tzvi (1626-1676): who made a false conversion to Islam in order to save his life and gain freedom.

"At the time of his conversion thousands of his followers became disillusioned and abandoned the movement. However there were still some stubborn followers who believed in him and, of course rationalized their following him by inventing some type of rationale. Hence the movement gave
rise to a special Sabbatian sect in Turkey known as Donmeh. Many years after Shabbetai Tzvi's death the Donmeh continued to exist and to grow... The Donmeh in Turkey officially converted to Islam in 1683 and the Frankinst in Europe to Catholicism in 1759. However their conversion to these religions was for the purpose of imitating the Sabbatian role modes as well as for subverting and destroying their faiths."

"To Eliminate The Opiate" Vol.I 1974 by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman The Ottoman Empire, at their height covered not just Mid-East and North Africa but Greece and the Balkans.

The secret, pseudo- Islamic sect of Sabbatian -Judaism continued from the seventeenth century's forced conversion into a powerful underground secret society of which, the official Islamic administration appears not to have detected. At any rate, prior to WWI it appears that the secret Sabbatian sect was able to infiltrate the Military within the Ottoman Empire. We all know that this strategy spelled the end of Ottoman Empire.

Having made the pact with Germany during this war as Allies, Ottoman Empire was declared the Loser along with Germany and had to abdicate its role as an Empire. This would release Palestine into the hands of the British.

At this weakened point the Kemal Pasha revolution would occur, theoretically releasing the Turks from religious domination, for the slogan was for the "Secularization" of Turkey. Secular humanism does not acknowledge God. The role of the caliph becomes obliterated. The caliph, -Mohammed's successor is not just a religious advisor. In the Islam world, politics and religion is one and the law is the Koran. Caliph is the highest authority regarding the above.

So how can one have a secular revolution, and despite the success of the revolution, Turkey remains fundamentally an Islamic country. An Islamic country without the caliph? There is an enforced contradiction here. If one explains that the secret Sabbatians manipulated this revolution, it certainly makes more logic. Without considering the presence of the Sabbatians, the whole Turkish revolution appears contradictory and incomprehensible.The so-called "Jews", they themselves would not be able to pull off such a feat with such stealth. But if it was the Sabbatians who outwardly are Islams, then it will be another story.

The whole issue regarding the role of the Sabbatians and Turkey/Islam world have not been focused on adequately. And not just in the Islam world, for Rabbi Antelman focuses on the infiltration of the Sabbatians and Frankists within Judaism and their covert influence and operation in the West as well.

I highly recommend his books, "To Eliminate The Opiate" in two volumes, first in 1974 and second in 2002. Just as Food for Thought and for future research-here are few lines from his books. "The B'nai B'rith was founded by Jewish-born German Sabbatian Bundists who immigrated to the United States in the nineteenth century. By 1860, the B'nai B'rith had fifty lodges in the United States. ..In other words, the hidden meaning of B'nai B'rith is Sabbatian enlightment. The Sabbatinas, under Shabbetai Tzvi (1626-1676) had kings and prophets; one such prophet, Shabbetai Raphael(B.1669) was from the city of Misithra, the capital of the province of Morea, built near ancient Sparta The school is believed to have been run by the Sufi order, the worst conspiratorial Muslim Gnostic sect, which some scholars feel is behind the Illuminati and even behind the Frankist Sabbatains.

The Rosicrusians adopted almost literally the teachings of the Spanish Illuminist Sufis. The rose cross symbolism of Roscrucianism is derived from the founder of the Sufi order of Abdul-Kadir El-Jilani called the Rose of Bagdad.

Gershom Scholem has traced the incestuous practices of the Sabbatians to that of the Earth Mother worship, which was preserved by an Islamic sect.Jacob Frank who brought Sabbatianism to Europe, may have been largely funded by the Sufi. Note before WWII, holocaust meant only "burnt offering". This can be verified in old dictionaries!

Chapter XXIIis titled-The Holocaust-Sabbatian Burnt Offerings. And opens with: The Germans will never forgive the Jew for Auschwitz. Marsha Pomerantz, Jerusalem Post, Feb.13, 1987


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